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The water hammer effect is extremely destructive: if the pressure is too high, it will cause the rupture of the pipe; on the contrary, if the pressure is too low, it will cause the collapse of the pipe and damage the valve and fixing parts. When the power is cut off and stopped, the potential energy of the pump water system will overcome the inertia of the motor and command the system to stop sharply, which will also cause pressure shock and water hammer effect. In order to eliminate the serious consequences of the water hammer effect, a series of buffer measures and equipment are required in the pipeline

#Softstarters are widely used in water plants and pressurized pump stations to achieve #softstart and soft stop of high-power pump motors, focusing on eliminating and reducing the harm of water hammer. When the liquid is suddenly accelerated or decelerated by external force in the pipeline system, or the flow direction is changed, water hammer will be caused. Water hammer is very harmful, ranging from vibration and noise to the pipeline system. flooded. #Softstart has soft stop function, perfect pump stop function, solve “water hammer effect” and mechanical impact, and increase the service life of the motor.

A wiring diagram of the online softstarter and the bypass soft starter

Close the pump outlet valve, open the pump inlet valve, and ensure that the pump is “self-priming” (the liquid level is higher than the inlet of the pump under the condition of the pipeline, the starting procedure of the pump is: start the motor, and when the motor runs normally, slowly open it The outlet valve makes the current gradually increase. However, when no one is operating, the pump is automatically started, and the diameter and length of the pipeline are large. If the motor starts quickly, it is necessary to quickly promote the acceleration of large-quality water, which will cause the motor to start a large current. , causing the motor to trip and damage the machinery and motor. Using #softstart – that is, the motor slowly increases the speed, the above situation can be overcome.

The normal sequence of stopping the pump is: after closing the outlet valve, then stop the motor. If no one operates, when the pump stops suddenly when the outlet valve is not closed, the water in the pipeline (especially the vertical pipeline) will quickly flow back. In this case, the check valve is suddenly closed. If the fast-flowing water is to be stopped suddenly, the “water hammer” effect will be generated due to the influence of inertia and the pipeline system will be destroyed. At this time, a “soft stop” should be used. stopper.

Generally speaking, in the case of immediate start, the current will be 6-7 times the rated voltage, which will cause damage to the equipment. When the soft starter is selected, the starting current is about 2-3 times of the rated voltage. For the water pump, there is also a soft termination, which allows the water to gradually drop and removes the actual effect of water hammer. Simply put, it starts slowly and stops slowly. This time can be adjusted slowly, about 1-60 seconds.


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