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The high-voltage soft starter is a new type of soft starter for medium and high voltage motors. It is mainly suitable for medium and high voltage AC motors below 10KV. Between the three-phase parallel thyristor and its electronic control circuit.​​

The high-voltage soft starter uses different methods to control the conduction angle of the three-phase parallel thyristor, so that the input voltage of the controlled motor changes according to different requirements, and different functions can be realized.

Advantages of High Voltage Soft Starters

The high-voltage soft starter has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, high reliability, high sensitivity, no contact, maintenance-free, no environmental pollution, and convenient installation. Compared with other traditional starting methods

its unique intelligent control method can not only conveniently and accurately set parameters such as starting torque, starting current, starting time, stopping time, etc., but also network control with microcomputer and PLC.

Application of high voltage soft starter

High-pressure soft starters are now used in machinery manufacturing, cement production, metallurgy, mining, oil production, chemical industry, water treatment, petrochemical and other industries. Pumps, fans, pumping units, air compressors, ball mills, cranes, compressors, crushers, transmission It is widely used in various loads such as machines, elevators, centrifuges, rolling mills, etc.

The functions and advantages of high-voltage solid-state soft start are as follows:

1. The high-voltage solid-state soft start provides a variety of starting methods, convenient settings, and a suitable control system, which can enable the motor to achieve the starting effect under different loads.

2. Due to the use of high-performance microprocessor and powerful software support functions, the control circuit can be fully simplified and optimized, and consistent and accurate operating performance can be obtained without adjusting the motor parameters.

3. The high-voltage soft-start device adopts signal multi-stage processing and isolation technology, and has strong anti-thermal interference ability.

4. The optical fiber induction triggering system is used to completely isolate the high-voltage chamber and the low-voltage chamber, so as to realize the triggering and detection of the high-voltage thyristor and the safe isolation between the high-voltage and low-voltage control circuits.

5. Low-voltage test mode: Use low-power low-voltage motors and standard built-in features to conduct full-function tests without connecting to a high-voltage power supply. The SGR high-voltage soft-start device can be simulated and debugged with a low-voltage (380V) motor before the on-site operation, providing technical basis and guarantee for the official operation.


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