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In the circuit design of the compressor, the low-power motor can use the direct start method, because the current at the moment of starting is small, and generally does not cause an impact on the power grid. If it is a relatively high-power motor, the current at the moment of starting is 4 to 7 times that of the normal operating current. The large instantaneous current will cause an impact on the entire power supply and distribution system. In severe cases, it may cause high and low voltage circuit breakers in the power distribution room. The switch trips, causing a company-wide power outage, affecting normal production and life. For this reason, how to reduce the starting current of high-power compressors is a problem that must be paid attention to in the design of compressor circuits.

The so-called #softstart means that the voltage we add to him at the beginning of the start is lower than the rated voltage. Common #softstart are: soft starter start, autotransformer step-down start. Autotransformer step-down start-up In the early stage of starting the motor, first add a voltage of 60% to 80% of the rated voltage to it, let it move first, and then switch it to work under the rated voltage after it starts to rotate. It is a simple #softstart process. The soft starter is more advanced than the autotransformer step-down start. The principle is the same. The voltage of the #softstarter to the motor gradually increases from 0 to the rated voltage. His starting process is smoother and the starting effect is better. , the impact on the power grid and the damage to the windings are also the smallest, which is better than the step-down start of the autotransformer.

The most commonly used in today’s transmission engineering is the three-phase AC induction motor. In many cases, these electric surges are connected directly to the power system due to their starting characteristics. If it is started directly online, it will generate inrush current up to 6 times the rated current of the motor. This current can overload the power supply system and switchgear connected in series. If it is started directly, it will also generate high peak torque, which will not only shock the drive motor, but also damage the mechanical device used. In order to reduce the direct current, starting auxiliary devices, such as starting reactors or autotransformers, should be used, but conventional methods such as starting with reactors or autotransformers can only gradually reduce the voltage, while the soft starter smoothly increases the terminal voltage, can achieve no impact start. Therefore, the power supply system as well as the motor can be optimally protected.

The advantages of #softstart: reduce the starting current of the motor, reduce the power distribution capacity, and avoid the investment in capacity expansion; reduce the starting stress and prolong the service life of the motor and related equipment; stable starting and soft stopping avoid the surge problem of traditional starting equipment , water hammer effect; a variety of starting modes and a wide range of current, voltage and other settings, can adapt to a variety of load conditions; can effectively reduce the starting current and distribution capacity, avoid capacity expansion investment; it can be stable without steps Start/stop the motor to avoid problems such as mechanical and electrical shocks caused by the use of direct starting, star/delta starting, auto-decompression starting, etc., and traditional starting methods to start the motor.


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