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Usually the soft start system is composed of #softstart device, peripheral circuit and motor load. Therefore, the objects protected by the soft start system are also the soft start device, peripheral circuit and motor load. The purpose of protecting the soft start system is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of thyristor components, #softstarter equipment and circuits, and not damage or cause safety accidents under various abnormal working conditions.

The premise of #softstarter protection is that the design of the soft starter itself should be correct. The thyristor components are correct and used correctly, the drive circuit and the control circuit are reasonably designed and matched with each other, so that the device can work in a good state. These measures are the basis for the safe and reliable operation of the soft starter. Only under this premise, can the devices, circuits, and equipment fail less and not fail from the inside, and the optimized system design should aim to protect the circuit as a virtual reality.

Soft stop can solve the water hammer phenomenon and mechanical impact of water pump caused by sudden stop. In many cases, electrical surges are connected directly to the power system due to their starting characteristics. If it is started directly online, it will generate inrush current up to 6 times the rated current of the motor. This current will overload the power supply system and the switchgear connected in series. If it is started directly, it will also generate a high peak torque. This impact will not only impact the drive motor, but also damage the mechanical devices used.

During the starting process of the motor, the #softstarter increases the terminal voltage of the motor according to the preset starting curve to accelerate the motor smoothly, thereby reducing the electrical and mechanical impact on the power grid, the motor itself, and connected equipment when the motor starts. When the motor reaches normal speed, the bypass contactor is turned on. After the motor is started, the #softstarter continues to monitor the motor and provide various fault protections. In soft stop, the terminal voltage of the motor is smoothly reduced according to the preset stop curve until the motor stops.

The #softstarter has the following 4 major protection functions:

1. Overload protection function: The soft starter introduces a current control loop, so it can track and detect the change of motor current at any time. By increasing the setting of overload current and the inverse time limit control mode, the overload protection function is realized. When the motor is overloaded, the thyristor is turned off and an alarm signal is issued.

2. Phase loss protection function: When working, the soft starter can detect the change of the three-phase line current at any time. Once the current is cut off, it can make a phase loss protection response.

3. Overheat protection function: The temperature of the thyristor radiator is detected by the internal thermal relay of the soft starter. Once the temperature of the radiator exceeds the allowable value, the thyristor is automatically turned off and an alarm signal is issued.

4. Other functions: Through the combination of electronic circuits, various other interlocking protections can also be realized in the system.


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