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difference between relay and switch

There are three main differences between relays and switches:

1. Represents different meanings:

Relay (English name: relay) is an electrical control device, which is a kind of predetermined step change in the controlled quantity in the electrical output circuit when the change of the input quantity (excitation quantity) reaches the specified requirements. electrical appliances.

An ordinary switch is an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt current, or cause it to flow to other circuits. The most common switches are human-operated electromechanical devices that have one or more electrical contacts.

2. The composition is different:

The relay generally has an induction mechanism (input part) that can reflect certain input variables (such as current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light, etc.); “, “Break” control actuator (output part);

Between the input part and the output part of the relay, there is also an intermediate mechanism (driving part) that couples and isolates the input quantity, processes the function and drives the output part.

The “closed” of the common switch contact means that the electronic contact is turned on, allowing current to flow; the “open” of the switch means that the electronic contact is not conducting to form an open circuit, and current is not allowed to flow.

3. Different functions:

The relay has the functions of expanding the control range; amplifying; integrating signals; automatic, remote control, monitoring, etc.

The ordinary switch is mainly used to isolate the power supply and disconnect the high-voltage maintenance equipment from the live equipment, so that there is an obvious disconnection point between them.

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