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How to choose the inverter

When selecting the inverter, the following points should be determined:

1) The purpose of frequency conversion; constant voltage control or constant current control, etc.

2) The load type of the inverter; such as vane pump or positive displacement pump, etc., pay special attention to the performance curve of the load, which determines the method of application.

3) The matching problem between the inverter and the load;

I. Voltage matching; the rated voltage of the inverter is consistent with the rated voltage of the load.

II. Current matching; for ordinary centrifugal pumps, the rated current of the inverter is consistent with the rated current of the motor. For special loads such as deep water pumps, it is necessary to refer to the motor performance parameters to determine the inverter current and overload capacity with the maximum current.

III. Torque matching; this situation may occur with constant torque load or with reduction gear.

4) When using the inverter to drive the high-speed motor, due to the small reactance of the high-speed motor, the increase of the high-order harmonics leads to the increase of the output current value. Therefore, the capacity of the inverter used for high-speed motors is slightly larger than that of ordinary motors.

5) If the inverter needs to run with a long cable, measures should be taken to suppress the influence of the long cable to the ground coupling capacitance, so as to avoid insufficient output of the inverter. An output reactor is installed at the output end.

6) For some special applications, such as high temperature and high altitude, it will cause the derating of the inverter, and the capacity of the inverter should be enlarged by one stop.

First of all, when selecting an inverter, the power of the motor should be the basic principle. The rated capacity of the inverter is generally marked with KW and current.

Under normal circumstances, when selecting an inverter, the corresponding three-phase general-purpose inverter is selected based on the rated KW of the motor. For example: fans, pumps and other equipment.

Generally, when selecting a motor of grade 6 or above, it needs to be properly enlarged. The load needs to be controlled by a motor with a reducer, and the power of the inverter needs to be appropriately amplified. For example: cranes, coal mine winches and other equipment.

The selection of the inverter should also be based on the load characteristics. If it is applied to frequent startup, the instantaneous current fluctuates greatly, or the load is heavy, the inverter with one or two gears larger can be selected. For example: sand making machine, ball mill and other equipment.

When the occasion used for control is a high-speed motor, the selection of the inverter should be enlarged by one gear. For example: engraving machine, industrial washing machine, air compressor and other equipment.

Special application scenarios in special industries should be professionally customized. For

example, a single-phase asynchronous motor should be individually customized with a two-phase input and two-phase output inverter.

Special machines should be selected for those with higher requirements for usage scenarios. For example, if the environment is moderately large, heavy dust, heavy oil fume, strong corrosion and other harsh environments should be selected with good sealing effect and high protection level


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