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Do you know the secret of the travel switch?

Travel switches are also called limit switches. Some moving parts in the machine are used to collide with the rollers of the travel switch, so that the limit contacts in the switch are turned on or off, so as to automatically control the round trip of the electric or machine tool.

The working principle of the travel switch is the same as that of the button. The difference is that the button is pressed by an external force. The travel switch uses the collision and top pressure of the mechanical moving parts to make the contacts move. In fact, it is a control method in which the signals transmitted by mechanical collisions are converted into electrical signals through electricity. Therefore, the machine can realize automatic stop, automatic round-trip, automatic shifting and reverse driving according to the expected setting mode.

The electrical setting of the travel switch control circuit is mostly used for the door limit position. There are many types of travel switches, including Z7, Z8, Z91, Z92, Z93 and other series. The structure of the travel switch is roughly the same, there are many kinds of travel switches, and the devices are also different. Button type or direct-acting type can be selected according to the actual application and are mostly used for door limit switches. The closing point of the travel switch is connected in series in the electrical control circuit. When the machine or the door moves, the control circuit is broken. When the machine collides or closes the door, The travel switch returns to its original reset. The control circuit normally controls the start and stop of the main circuit. That is to say, the travel switch is equivalent to a length of wire. The travel switch also has a rotary type (roller type) and this is also divided into single wheel and double wheel.

In practical application and selection operation, the travel switch is generally a static device. The so-called static state means that the travel switch is generally installed in the expected position. The travel switch is turned on and off by the roller arm and the moving contact travel. Under normal conditions, when a certain part of the machine touches, presses, pushes or tops the travel roller of the limit switch, its roller arm action lever and the rotating shaft are linked together. The cam pushes the striker and pushes the moving contact of the travel switch to reach the stationary contact, so that the normally closed contact is disconnected and the normally open contact is closed. The travel switch is equipped with 4 groups of contacts, 2 groups are normally closed and 2 groups are normally open. The action is divided into instantaneous action, creeping type and cross type, with automatic reset and non-automatic reset. When selecting a travel switch, firstly, the rated current and rated voltage of the travel switch and the current capacity of the moving contact should be selected according to the action requirements.

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