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How did the relationship between the micro switch and the machine come about?

Several of the more popular mechanical handles on the market now use micro switches for their action keys instead of traditional conductive glue. In order to maintain a good competitive state, many e-sports players also use the mechanical micro-switch of this micro-switch as an action key.

The working process of the micro switch is: in the absence of external force, the moving contact and the moving contact are in a static state. When an external force is applied to the external transmission rod, the bow spring is deformed, stores energy and generates displacement. When a predetermined critical point is reached, the spring piece together with the moving contact produces an instantaneous jump, which leads to the connection, breaking or conversion of the circuit. When the external force is eliminated, the spring sheet will release energy and produce reverse displacement, and when passing another critical point, the contact will automatically reset under the action of the spring sheet.

Let’s take a mechanical keyboard as an example. The mechanical shafts used by the mechanical keyboard are very different from the membrane keyboard, and its structure is also much more complicated than that of the membrane keyboard. Each key of the mechanical keyboard is an independent micro switch. Different shafts can experience the same feel, and there will be no conflicts that are prone to conductive glue and decreased feel after long-term use.

Whether it is a mechanical keyboard or a mechanical handle, in fact, they all use the mechanical triggering method of the micro switch to complete the key-worthy input with very small movements. It is precisely because of the use of micro switches that the formation of the action key triggering of the mechanical keyboard and the handle is greatly shortened, and the response speed is faster and more sensitive.

Micro switches can be said to be the basis for the formation of “mechanical” texture. If there is no such efficient triggering and quick response characteristics of micro switches, players will not be able to experience this comfortable “mechanical” feel. Micro switches not only facilitate our lives, but also bring us many surprises!

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