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(1) Start ramp

The startup ramp is the time it takes for the soft starter to start the ramp (initial voltage) to full voltage. The ramp time should not be too long as this will only lead to unnecessary heating of the motor and the risk of overload relay tripping.

If the motor is unloaded, the start-up time of the motor may be shorter than the set ramp time, and if the motor is heavily loaded, the start-up time may be longer.

(2) Stop ramp

Use stop ramps when it is necessary to soft stop a motor, such as a pump or conveyor. The shutdown ramp is the time from full voltage to reaching the shutdown voltage (initial voltage).

(3) Initial voltage

This is the starting point of the soft starter’s start or stop ramp, see diagram above. The torque of the motor will decrease with the square of the voltage, if the voltage is set too low, such as 20%, the starting torque will only become 0.2*0.2=0.04=4%, and the motor will not start from the beginning.

(4) Current limiting

Current limiting can be used in applications that require limited starting current, or during heavy-duty starts where perfect starting is difficult to achieve by setting only the initial voltage and starting ramp.

When the current limit is reached, the soft starter will temporarily stop increasing the voltage until the current falls below the set limit, then continue to rise to full voltage.

(5) Step-down voltage

The buck voltage provides a special type of stop ramp. The voltage can be adjusted to drop to a level where the motor starts to drop immediately after the stop command is given.

For low load motors, the speed won’t decrease until a very low voltage is reached, but using the step-down function eliminates this phenomenon, especially when stopping the pump!

(6) Adjustable rated motor

Adjustable Rated Motor Current The motor rated current can be set on the soft starter of the motor used. This setting may also affect other values, such as the trip level of the electronic overload relay, the level of the current limiting function, etc.


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