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How the micro switch works

The working principle of the micro switch: the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element (press pin, button, lever, roller, etc.) The moving contact and the fixed contact are quickly connected or disconnected. When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed generates a reverse action force, and when the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the action critical point of the reed, the reverse action is completed instantaneously. The contact distance of the micro switch is small, the action stroke is short, the pressing power is small, and the on-off is fast. The action speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the action speed of the transmission element.

There are many types of micro switches, and there are hundreds of internal structures. According to the volume, there are ordinary, small, and ultra-small; according to the protection performance, there are waterproof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof types; Single type, double type, multi-link type.

There is also a strong disconnect micro switch (when the reed of the switch does not work, the external force can also make the switch disconnect); according to the breaking capacity, there are ordinary type, DC type, micro-current type, and high-current type.

According to the use environment, there are ordinary type, high temperature resistant type (250℃), super high temperature resistant ceramic type (400℃)

Micro switches are generally based on unassisted pressing accessories, and small stroke types and large stroke types are derived. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added according to the needs. According to the different pressing accessories added, the switches can be divided into various forms such as button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, long boom type and so on.

There are small, super small, super small and so on in size. Functionally, it is waterproof. The most common application is the mouse button.

(1) Small micro switch:

The general size is 27.8 in length, 10.3 in width and 15.9 in height. In terms of parameters, there are different changes such as high capacity and low load.

(2) Ultra-small micro switch

The general size is 19.8 in length, 6.4 in width, 10.2 in height, and has different functions of high precision and long life.

(3) Super small micro switch

The general size is 12.8 in length, 5.8 in width and 6.5 in height, and this type has an extra-thin design.

(4)Waterproof type

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