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There are 10 limiters on the construction hoist, did you all know?

Upper and lower limit switch

A limit switch is a sensor that detects and controls mechanical movement beyond a limit displacement.

When the construction hoist encounters the upper and lower limit switches, it will immediately stop running upwards or downwards, but it can still run downwards or upwards.

The main function of the upper and lower limit switches is to play a safety protection function during abnormal operation or when accidents are caused by the machinery itself.

limit switch

The limit switch is the first protection, and the limit switch only works when the first protection fails. It is also called the safety switch and is the second line of defense.

Once the limit switch is activated, the main power supply of the machine will be cut off, and it must be allowed to troubleshoot and reset manually.

buffer spring

In order to ensure the safety of the construction elevator in an all-round way, there are many installation devices, and the spring buffer device is one of its last installation protection.

Due to various reasons, when the cage of the construction elevator is impacted, its spring buffer device will transform the kinetic energy of the cage into elastic potential energy with its own deformation, so that it can safely decelerate until it stops.

Up and down door limit switch, single row door limit switch, top door limit switch

The above three switches actually have the same function.

When the upper and lower doors, single-row doors, and top doors are not strictly opened or closed, the control cage cannot operate, so as to achieve the effect of reducing potential safety hazards.

Fence door lock, single row door lock, up and down door lock

There is a cage door at the entrance of the fence and a safety switch, so that the hanging cage can only be started when the fence door is completely closed, and the cage door cannot be opened when the hanging cage is raised to ensure the safety of personnel.

Single row door locks, up and down door locks are also similar.

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