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What are the normative operations of micro switches?

For the current micro switch, it is mainly based on mechanical control, so there will be stricter requirements in many mechanical structures, such as stroke and action force. However, there are some common points in the normative operation of different micro switches.

The first is to pay attention to the load when choosing a micro switch, and reserve some risk coefficients for the action characteristics, because its action characteristics will change the number of operations we operate. If the trend of this change is within a certain range If it is, it will show a certain stability, but sometimes this stability will deviate, so it is necessary to reserve a part of the insurance factor.

The second is that the ultra-long stroke should be one-third of the total length. When the operating stroke becomes larger, the spring inside the micro switch will become larger, and as the number of times of use increases, the stability of its action characteristics will change, which will reduce the service life of the switch. , so in order to protect the micro switch, we must pay attention to the size of the overtravel.

The third is that we cannot add a transmission mechanism to it during use, which can easily destroy the transmission mechanism inside the micro switch. Even if it can well match the user’s environment in a short period of time, it is easy to cause the micro switch. malfunction, and thus have an impact on our work environment.

The fourth is that the temperature of the soldering environment needs to be kept below 280 degrees Celsius, and the time is normally no more than five seconds, otherwise some overheated solder will penetrate into the internal structure of the switch, which will cause fretting. The insulation and contact performance of the switch are greatly reduced, and even the situation is scrapped.

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