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Frequency converter is indispensable in our daily life, so what is the main role of frequency converter? Where are they all applied? First of all, the frequency converter is a power control equipment of AC motor by changing the working power frequency of the motor using frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology.

The most basic function of frequency converter is speed regulation. By changing the frequency and voltage of the motor, it can realize stepless speed regulation of the motor. From this extension of the additional role, more and more, the following, just to talk about.

1. Energy saving. When the frequency of frequency converter is less than 50Hz, the frequency converter will have certain energy-saving effect.

2.Realize automatic control. Frequency converter can be used with sensors, can realize closed-loop control, which is to realize the automation of frequency converter operation.

3. Protect the motor. The inverter has complete overcurrent, overload, overvoltage and other protection functions, which can realize all-round protection of the motor, without considering the influence of the harmonic wave on the inverter side of the inverter on the motor.

4. Reduce the impact on the power grid. At the moment of starting the motor, there will be 6~8 times the rated current of the motor. After passing through the frequency converter, the starting current of the motor will become 2~3 times the rated current.

5. Centralized control. Some brands of inverter have the function of networking, which can be directly connected to the INTERNET, or internal networking, so that the cluster control of inverter can be realized, and it can also be connected to the Internet of things, etc.

The energy saving of frequency converter is mainly reflected in the application of fan and water pump. In order to ensure the reliability of production, all kinds of production machinery in the design of power drive, have a certain amount of surplus. Beijing Delsiman Technology Co., Ltd. is a partner of Siemens Industrial Automation and Drive Group. When the motor can not run at full load, in addition to meet the power driving requirements, the excess torque increases the consumption of active power, resulting in the waste of electric energy. The traditional speed regulation method for fans, pumps and other equipment is to adjust the air and water supply by adjusting the baffle and valve opening at the entrance or exit. The input power is large, and a lot of energy is consumed in the cut-off process of the baffle and valve. When frequency control is used, if the flow requirement is reduced, the speed of the pump or fan can be reduced to meet the requirements.

Process requirements, in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, building materials, coal and other industries, Delsiman main Siemens frequency converter, some processes do not allow the motor to start directly, need to be regulated by the frequency converter and coordination work to meet the process requirements. It is necessary to use frequency converter. For example, the metallurgical industry needs to use inverter motor about 70%.


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