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ZJSHUYI The Difference Between Micro Switch And Travel Switch

Limit switch

The #travelswitch is an automatic control electrical appliance that switches the circuit according to the position of the moving parts, and is used to control the moving direction, stroke size or position protection of the moving parts.

If the travel switch is installed at the end points of various strokes of the working machine to limit its travel, it is called a limit switch or end switch, so the travel switch, limit switch and end switch are the same switch.

They are widely used in various types of machine tools and hoisting machines to control the stroke of these machines.

When the working machine moves to a certain predetermined position, the travel switch converts the mechanical signal into an electrical signal through the action of the mechanical movable part to realize the electrical control of the machine.

Micro Switch

The #microswitch is a sensitive switch with instantaneous action and small stroke, which can directly make the contact move quickly by a certain force through a certain stroke, thereby realizing the conversion of the circuit.

There is no fundamental difference between a limit switch and a micro switch. The inside of the #limitswitch is actually a micro switch. The difference between the limit switch is that it has a relatively sturdy shell, and there is a spring-stretched buffer distance in contact with the moving object, so that After the moving object is in contact, the internal micro switch can act immediately. Due to the buffer distance, the micro switch is protected.

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