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#Softstarters hit the market in the late 1970s and early 1980s, bridging the gap between functional utility and price between star-delta starters and frequency converters.

With a soft starter, the motor voltage can be controlled to gradually increase during the starting process, naturally controlling the starting current, which means that the motor can start smoothly with minimal mechanical and electrical stress. Therefore, the soft starter is widely used in the market, and the soft stop function attached to the #softstarter can effectively avoid the “water hammer effect” when the water pump stops. Asynchronous motors are widely used in all walks of life because of their excellent performance and maintenance-free characteristics. However, due to the large inrush current (generally 5-8 times of Ie) when starting, and the large starting stress, the service life of the load equipment is reduced.

The relevant state departments have clearly stipulated that the starting of the motor should not exceed 15%. There are two solutions: increase the power distribution capacity and use starting equipment that limits the starting current of the motor. If the power distribution capacity is only increased for the purpose of starting the motor, it is obviously not desirable from an economic point of view. For this reason, people often need to be equipped with starting equipment that limits the starting current of the motor. In the past, people used Y/△ conversion, self-coupling step-down, and magnetron step-down to achieve this. Although these methods can play a certain current limiting role, they do not fundamentally solve the problem, and the soft starter produced by ZJSHUIYI can fundamentally solve this problem.

In the 1990s, intelligent motor soft starters with microcontrollers as the core and semiconductor thyristors as the actuators entered the market, and began to develop rapidly after 2000. The current market size is about 2 billion. The soft starter mainly solves the problem of the impact on the power grid when the motor starts and the bypass contactor working after starting, and has a good protection effect on the motor. It can achieve a certain degree of energy saving (about 5%) under light load conditions, but The energy saving effect is far inferior to that of the frequency converter. With the rise of the inverter industry, the price of the inverter has dropped significantly. In recent years, the inverter has gradually replaced the role of the soft starter.

The #softstarter industry has also undergone a cost-effective change from prosperity to decline. The price has dropped from the previous 150 yuan per kilowatt to less than 50 yuan per kilowatt. The product quality of many companies is very stable, but the market is gradually shrinking. From the development and evolution of straight-start, auto-coupling and star-delta starters to the emergence of variable frequency speed governors, soft starters are a transitional product among them. At present, only a small number of working conditions use soft starters. For example, when the working load of the motor is above 90%, other working conditions used to start by soft start. The effect is about 30%.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the soft starter still has its own living space. When the motor running load power is above 80%, it is still the best, most practical and most economical to choose a soft starter. In the next few years, the soft starter market will still grow steadily, but the growth rate is far lower than that of the inverter market. The starter market concentration will further increase. At present, the application of soft starter products involves many fields of the national economy. Electric power, metallurgy, building materials, machine tools, petrochemical and chemical industry, municipal administration, and coal are the seven major industries.


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