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Consumer water consumption is generally dynamic, so undersupply or oversupply occurs from time to time. The imbalance between water use and water supply is mainly reflected in the pressure of water supply, that is, when more water is used and less water is supplied, the pressure is low; when less water is used and more water is supplied, the pressure is high. Keeping the water supply pressure constant can maintain a balance between water supply and water use, that is, when there is more water, more water is supplied, and when less water is used, less water is supplied, thereby improving the quality of water supply. Constant pressure water supply system is very important for users.

In the production and domestic water supply, if the tap water supply pressure is insufficient or the water is cut off for a short time for some reason, it may affect the quality of life, and in severe cases it will affect the safety of life. Significant economic losses and casualties. Therefore, the use of Zhengyi constant pressure water supply system in the water area can produce greater economic and social benefits.With the development of power technology and the improvement of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the intelligent water supply control system with frequency conversion speed regulation as the core has replaced the previous water supply equipment such as high-level water tanks and pressure tanks. Its stable and safe operation performance, simple and convenient operation mode, and complete and thoughtful functions will enable the water supply to save water, electricity and manpower, and finally achieve the purpose of high-efficiency operation.

Modern #frequencyconverters generally have a PI controller or PID controller inside. For closed-loop control systems such as constant pressure water supply, feedback signals (such as pressure signals) can be connected to the feedback signal terminal of the inverter, and the controller inside the #inverter can be used to achieve closed-loop control to reduce pressure deviation and maintain water pressure. constant. The main purpose of PLC is to control the number of pumps powered by the power frequency power supply based on the outlet pressure of the pipeline, and to provide start and stop commands to the frequency converter through the switch output signal, and to roughly adjust the total water supply of the pump station. In the system shown in the figure below, the pressure transmitter converts the water pressure of the outlet pipe of the pumping station into the voltage or current of the standard range, and these feedback quantities are directly sent to the analog input terminal of the #inverter. The frequency converter is integrated and has the advantages of low hardware cost, convenient use and less engineering programming. It should be used first. The pressure sensor that can be installed on the water pump outlet pipe can convert the pressure of 0-1MPa into a pressure of 4-20mA. DC current for closed loop control of water pressure.

The use of frequency converters in monitoring systems has the following advantages:

1. It can easily realize the soft start and free stop of the motor. The motors are started with slow acceleration from 0-50HZ through the frequency converter or soft start, which reduces the impact of the sudden high-speed start of the pump and reduces the impact of the starting current on the power grid during direct starting;

2. It can improve the power factor, improve the power quality of the motor, ensure that the power of the motor matches the actual load, and achieve the purpose of energy-saving operation of the system;

3. It can eliminate the surge phenomenon of the pump and make the pump run in a better working condition;

4. It can easily realize automatic control, so that the adjusted quantity can be adjusted more smoothly, which enhances the stability and reliability of the system.


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