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Soft start MCC control cabinet MCC (motor control center) control cabinet is the motor control center.

1. The basic structure of the cabinet is composed of C-shaped profiles. The C profile is a steel plate with E=25mm as the module mounting hole.

2. The draw-out MCC cabinet is divided into three compartments, and the compartments are divided into functional unit room (front and left side of the cabinet), busbar room (back of the cabinet), and cable room

(right in front of cabinet). Since the horizontal busbar compartment is at the back, it can also be made into a double-sided cabinet.

3.The rear outlet is designed to reduce the arrangement bandwidth of the switch cabinet. The main busbar of the switch cabinet is horizontally installed on the top of the switch cabinet, and the rear half of the cabinet is the cable room.

MCC is shorted for Motor Control Center. Soft starter MCC control cabinet consists of the following components: (1) input circuit breaker, (2) Soft starter (including electronic control circuit and three phase thyristor), (3) soft starter bypass contactor, (4) secondary-side control circuit (for manual start, remote start, soft start and direct start functions selection and operation), and voltage, current display, fault, running and working status indicators.

We can achieve various complex functions with combinations of soft starter MCC control cabinet. For example: add logic controller to two control cabinets to form a “alternative solution” for building’s fire protection system, sprinkler pumps etc. Couple with PLC (programmable logic controller), we can achieve automatic detection (eg half a month) and shutdown of the fire pump system; couple with corresponding logic controller to make the pump running at low speed and low pressure in setting time when we maintenance the whole system working status. Combine logic controller with several motors for residential pump system and other dedicated systems, active each motor according to actual requirements and also can reduce motor gradually to achieve optimum operation efficiency. Also can achieve multiple motors running by turns according to customer requirements, to make all motors operating life in the same.


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